The Trench is a St. George Pod Group that utilizes Christian Gonzalez' podcast, "The Trench."  The purpose of this small group is a way to offer support to one another through practical ways of applying Theology in our lives through the roles we play in our everyday relationship.


Is the Trench for you?


Feeling like you are fighting the same petty battles in your relationships day after day?


Fighting with the most important people in your life, rather than alongside them?


Struggling to be accepted and thrive in everyday life? 



Maybe you can find support in the Trench?


The Trench1




February 25th @ 4:00 PM 


March 25th @ 4:00 PM


April 29th @ 4:00 PM


May 27th @ 4:00 PM


June 17th @ 4:00 PM