This Bible Study utilizes the Bible as Literature Podcast produced by Fr. Marc Boulos and Dr. Richard Benton.  The goal is to provide a foundation for understanding Scripture, so that we can respond, "With faith and love, draw near (from the Divine Liturgy)."


Bible as Lit





Aug 2nd         7:00 PM

Familiarity Breeds Contempt



Aug 9th          7:00 PM

It’s Not About the Teacher          



Aug 16th        7:00 PM

It’s Your Move, Herod               



Aug 23rd       7:00 PM

The Voice of the Shepherd          



Aug 30th        7:00 PM

Do Not Follow Your Heart



Sept 6th          7:00 PM

She Has Ears to Hear     



Sept 13th       No Class

Feast of the Elevation of the Cross



Sept 20th       7:00 PM

This People Honors Me With Their Lips   



Sept 27th       7:00 PM

Who is Testing Whom?              



Oct 4th           7:00 PM

Who is the King of Glory?